Problem Kids My First Acid House

Given that the unit of house music appreciation is the DJ set and not the album, the Problem Kids (Rocky, of X-Press 2, and Mark Wilkinson) have achieved a minor feat in creating an hour-long album that can be easily enjoyed without excessive boredom. My First Acid House, the duo's second album, passes through many of house's current sub-genres, from the tech-house of "My First Acid House" to the Latin-flavoured, Ashley Beedle-aided "Mardi Gras," and the fantastically broken up "No Days Off." Best of all, this album doesn't sound like it's by just one artist, possibly due to the guest appearances from producer Beedle, plus vocalists Steve Edwards, on "S'alright," and Dee Ellington, on the soulful closer "It's Over." And I am truly thankful there is not a single disco cut-up to be found. (Paper)