Pro Era "Maxwell"

Pro Era 'Maxwell'
Pro Era week has thus far given us a new tune from Joey Bada$$ and a hazy beat from Kirk Knight, but the Beast Coast crew's latest addition, "Maxwell," zones in on three other MCs from their rather large stable: Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth and the late Capital Steez.

All in all, it's a broken-hearted love song, with a sped-up sample of R&B honeydripper Maxwell's "Bad Habits" and a jingling, sleigh bells-assisted beat setting the mood. Dirty Sanchez's verse has him offering up his heart to an apparently unsatisfied sweetheart, and he tries to mine the good old days while simultaneously prophesying a potential happily ever after to woo her back. Steelo cops to having his fair share of trust issues, but ultimately wants to get up into the sections of someone that makes his head spin. Rokamouth reminisces about a crumbled relationship, but has no real regrets about the experience.

Despite the confessional cut's soft and sensual set-up, it's another crusher from Pro Era. Stay tuned tomorrow for yet another new number.

As previously reported, Pro Era head to Canada this spring on their "Beast Coast Tour," with stops scheduled in Whistler, Vancouver, Montreal, Hamilton, and Ottawa, as well as in Toronto for NXNE.