Prinzhorn Dance School Study 'Home Economics' on New Album

Prinzhorn Dance School Study 'Home Economics' on New Album
UK post-punk two-piece Prinzhorn Dance School released Clay Class back in 2012, but for their next album, the duo have graduated on to Home Economics.
The new six-track offering will arrive on June 9 via DFA.
According to a press release, Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn's third outing hears them veering further away from the minimalist austerity that comprised their self-titled debut and further embracing the "human warmth" introduced on Clay Class.
The new songs were inspired by a string of American live shows in 2013 and recorded on the move between apartments in the UK cities of Brighton and Hove. The tracks were then "wheeled around town on a hard-drive wrapped in a sleeping bag in a specially-adapted suitcase" in order to immediately capture any flashes of sudden inspiration.
These measures eliminated the "frustration you feel when you spend days trying to recapture the intimacy of a particular moment," according to Prinz. "This time we could just use the original take, so sometimes these songs are almost like field recordings."
With just six songs making the final cut, the band aimed to capture an "infectious sense of urgency." You can see the brief tracklisting below, and scroll past it to hear lead single and album opener "Reign" in the player below.
Home Economics:
1. Reign
2. Battlefield
3. Clean
4. Haggle
5. Education
6. Let Me Go