Prins Thomas Readies New Mix Album

Prins Thomas Readies New Mix Album
After just announcing he's again pairing up with Lindstrøm, Norwegian space cadet Prins Thomas is being tapped by Robert-Johnson for the German imprint's newly minted Live At... series.

Set for European release on May 4, this mix, dubbed Live At Robert-Johnson Vol. 2, finds the cosmic disco king indulging in his usual eclectic tastes, melding electro, Balearic, Kraut, house, post-rock and, of course, disco. This means we get a diverse 27-song tracklisting that includes the likes of Trans Am, Sébastien Tellier, Ricardo Villalobos, Babytalk, Map of Africa, Rub N Tug and Low Motion Disco. Oh, and there's Bjørn Torske's remix of Lindstrøm's "Contemporary Fix" thrown in for good measure.

As previously reported, Prins Thomas's collaboration with Lindstrøm is due out via Eskimo Recordings on May 26 under the simple title of II.

Here's what's on Live At Robert Johnson Vol. 2:

1. A very small Intro
2. Arpadys - "Funky Bass" (Idjut Boys Version)
3. Cage & Aviary - "Giorgio Carpenter"
4. Capracara - "King of Witches" (Rub N Tug Remix)
5. Trans Am - "First Words"
6. Map of Africa - "Wyatt Urp"
7. Bjørn Torske - "Kokt Kveite"
8. Käre & The Cavemen - "Gallery Oslo"
9. Babytalk - "Chance" (Babytalk Remix)
10. Frankie Valentine - "Zumbi" (Isoul8 Remix)
11. Low Motion Disco - "Love Love Love" (Still Going Remix)
12. James Yuill - "This Sweet Love" (Prins Thomas Re-Edit)
13. Dogs Of War - "Le Stress"
14. Cos/Mes - "Build The Band"
15. Ricardo Villalobos - "Waiworinao"
16. Anarchic System - "Generation" (Long Version)
17. Argy & The Mole - "Cantstandlovegetaway"
18. Martin Circus - "Disco Circus"
19. Opolopo - "I Do" (Domu Discotech Mix D Intrumental)
20. Acid Test - "Test 1"
21. Mathew Jonson - "Followed By Angels"
22. Samos - "Alpha Storm" (Original)
23. Sébastien Tellier - "Sexual Sportswear"
24. Closer Musik - "Maria"
25. Lindstrøm - "Contemporary Fix" (Bjørn Torske Remix)
26. Steel an' Skin - "Afro Punk Reggae" (Dub)
27. A very small Outro