Prins Thomas Gets Set for Debut Solo LP

Prins Thomas Gets Set for Debut Solo LP
Despite making collaborative records with Exclaim! fave Lindstrøm for years, Norwegian cosmic disco specialist Prins Thomas is finally ready to release his first solo full-length since, well, ever.

The DJ and producer's self-titled debut album is set to drop April 13 in North America, courtesy of Thomas's Full Pupp imprint. The record is made up of seven tracks, but the tracks are all reportedly Krautrock-inspired epics, most of which clock in at over ten minutes.

According to the press release, "This album showcases Thomas's myriad musical gifts over seven sprawling, ever-evolving, head-nodding, navel-gazing, body-moving, mind-mushing tracks perfectly assembled for an hour-long trip."

The recording and production were both handled entirely by Thomas, but feature brief guest appearances by Lindstrøm (on keyboards) and Todd Terje (on trumpet).

And if you're at all curious if Thomas was nervous about entering the full-length album realm on his lonesome, he says, "I had a brief nerve-wrecking moment as I did the final mix, but I've always ended up going with my gut feeling. The scary thing now is how inspiring it is to finally put out a bunch of my own stuff. Now I've got tons of new stuff in the pipeline, plus a couple of more dance singles lined up too!"

Prins Thomas:

1. "ؘrkenvandring"
2. "Uggebugg"
3. "Slangemusikk"
4. "Sauerkraut"
5. "Wendy Not Walter"
6. "Nattønsket"
7. "Attiatte"