Prins Thomas Unveils Sprawling Ambient Album

Prins Thomas Unveils Sprawling Ambient Album
When not collaborating with Lindstrøm, Norwegian space disco producer Prins Thomas is known for releasing a series of numerically titled eponymous albums: Prins Thomas (2010), Prins Thomas II (2012) and Prins Thomas III (2014). Come 2016, he'll be switching it up by releasing Principe Del Norte on February 19 through Smalltown Supersound.

Moving away from Thomas's usual space disco sound, this in an ambient record that spans four vinyl LPs (or two CDs). It was inspired by Ü's 2014 album Doobedoo Dub'e'dope and '90s IDM, according to the press release, with Principe Del Norte containing no drums or drum machines.

There are nine tracks, the one-letter titles of which refer to the sides of the vinyl (there are two tracks on side A). Scroll past that the tracklist below hear the near-12-minute "B." It's anchored by a simple low-end synth pulse, which is overlaid with abstract synth twinkles and chiming guitar echoes before shifting into a bass groove that swaggers in a low key sort of way.

A press release notes, "How one listens to this album is entirely up to the listener, but Thomas would recommend finding center position in front of your speakers, a comfortable couch or chair and dedicate yourself to the music for a long hour."

Principe Del Norte:

1. A1
2. A2
3. B
4. C
5. D
6. E
7. F
8. G
9. H