Prins Thomas Prins Thomas

Prins Thomas is your man for current sounds of spaced-out rock and chill psychedelic grooves. Having earned manifold head nods throughout the culture of cosmic disco for his co-productions with Lindstrom, he's also head of Full Pupp, the Norwegian indie label for all things dub and disco. Prins Thomas brings slow groove to life here with a bountiful layering of guitars, synths, drums and effects. The record alludes to effort and time in production. While it may take a few listens to get into, it is alluringly progressive and much of its charisma comes from seeing what new places the songs will be taken, step-by-step. Perhaps, with the exception of "Wendy Not Walter" (with Lindstrom on synth), all these tracks exist on the down tempo. The LP kicks off with the slow transgression of the lazily building bass line of "Orkenvandring" meshed with upbeat synthesizers and spacey effects. "Uggebugg" builds a cosmic guitar soundscape intermingled with handclaps and percussion. (Full Pup)