Principles of Geometry Principles of Geometry

Right from the get-go of this self-titled debut it’s made blatantly apparent that Principles of Geometry are huge-ass Boards of Canada fans. While this might limit their scope and originality, it certainly doesn’t limit this French duo’s capacity to create warm, engrossing tracks that are chock full of scintillating analogue synth lines, stuttering high-end percussive quips, bottomed out bass waves and cinematic emotional swelling. Principles of Geometry are actually so good at emulating Boards of Canada’s sound that when they step out of this arena, as on the hip-hop influenced seizure of "Omagh,” it comes off as unnatural, a bit forced and ultimately not as vital as, say the deconstructed funk march of "Kopob Ingo” or the subtly evocative synth layers and twinkling bells that overlay the staccato snares of "Arp Center.” This debut isn’t exactly crucial listening, but it’s certainly a promising debut that, at a mere 36 minutes, doesn’t overstay its welcome. (Tigersushi)