Princess Superstar My Machine

Alternative kitsch rapper Princess Superstar infiltrated the fringes of the pop world since 1994 with her suggestive rhymes and catchy hooks, earning her some notoriety and a place on music television. Her signature style is hip-hop meets electro-punk with a healthy dose of excess and she has a surprisingly large discography, mostly twelve-inch collaborations with some of the best names in underground dance music. My Machine follows the Superstar formula with the addition of being a concept album where Princess creates an army of duplicates to kill all the famous people in the world then create 10,000 hit songs to make her rich. Superstar is very sexual and although it’s a little cheesy at times (or maybe "ironic” if you read Vice Magazine) it’s also fun, and there are a number of tracks that would rock any party. Expect "Coochie Coo” and "I Like It A Lot” to break out as singles and make an impact on the dance floor. (!K7)