Prince's Rise to Fame Chronicled in Biographical Comic

Prince's Rise to Fame Chronicled in Biographical Comic
Prince has been honoured with multiple comic books over the years, and now the Purple One's story is once again being told via the medium. The latest comic is called Fame: Prince.

This biographical comic comes out today (December 4) and is available digitally or in physical form. Written by Michael L. Frizell, a press release says that it's 32 pages long, although listings indicate that the digital version is 23 pages, while the physical version is 28.

The art is by Ernesto Lovera, and Comic Flea Market has an exclusive alternate cover (in addition to the standard one; one of the covers is designed by Lovera and the other is by Iordan Terziiski.

The comic chronicles the singer's rise to superstardom during the '80s. Frizell said in a statement, "Writing Fame: Prince was like reliving my teenage years. For me, the music scene wasn't defined by Michael Jackson, despite his success with Thriller. The '80s, and music in general for me, were defined by Prince. He takes chances in his music, doesn't sell out as an artist in order to make money, and still ends up on top. To this day, his music speaks to me. I hope I was able to bring some of his power to the comic page through my script."

This is part of the same Fame series that recently published an illustrated history of Drake. Other artists in the series have included Michael Jackson, Adele, Beyoncé and more.

We're not entirely sure what Prince thinks of the comic, since he's been a bit touchy about his image being used in the past.