Prince To Release Triple Album Through Target

Prince To Release Triple Album Through Target
As expected, Prince is going ahead with plans to release three albums this year, two by the Purple One himself - LOtUSFLOW3R and MPLSoUND - and one by his protégé Bria Valente. Prince made the official announcement late Monday (March 2), telling fans all three records would be packaged as a three-CD set available exclusively at U.S. retailer Target later this month and for the price of $11.98 U.S.

And while there is no word yet if the Prince set will get a physical release in non-Target parts of the world such as Canada, it appears fans will soon be able to hear and download all the new albums at the artist's ambitious new website, not to mention be able to get their hands on a lot of other Prince goodies.

According to a Spinner interview with developer Scott Addison Clay, the new site will open up the Prince vaults and allow fans to gain extensive access to decades worth of archival footage, including films of almost every concert since Prince's Purple Rain days, unreleased songs and copious amounts of other never-before-seen material.

Clay said Prince's web team is currently in the midst of cataloguing the material and that it should be available at when it switches over the current beta version goes live later this month. However, when the website does officially launch, it will be a paid subscription site, with Clay speculating that the initial cost for a year would be about $77 U.S.

The triple Prince set will be available at Target on March 29.