Prince to Release New Album as Magazine Freebie

Prince to Release New Album as Magazine Freebie
As CDs sink ever further into obsolescence, many artists and labels are scrambling to figure out a way to make their product financially viable. Veteran funk star Prince, however, appears to have made peace with the fact that his CDs are unlikely to move as many units as they once did. His new album, 20Ten, is due out this summer, and Billboard reports that it will be given away as a magazine freebie.

In Germany, 20Ten will come attached to the August issue of Rolling Stone, which is due to hit the street on July 22. Reportedly, the album will not have a standard digital or physical release, although this likely only refers to German markets.

Prior to the German release, 20Ten will be given away with July 10 copies of the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwblad. In North America, the release will likely be more traditional, as Dr. Funkenberry reports that Prince recently secured a distribution deal with Warner Bros.

This isn't the first time Prince has pulled a magazine freebie stunt. In 2007, he released his album Planet Earth via the UK paper Mail on Sunday. Columbia Records executives were so outraged that they refused to distribute the album in Britain, and the album still isn't available in UK shops.


1. "Compassion"
2. "Beginning Endlessly"
3. "Future Soul Song"
4. "Sticky Like Glue"
5. "Lavaux"
6. "Act of God"
7. "Walk in Sand"
8. "Sea of Everything"
9. "Everybody Loves Me"
10. Hidden Track