Prince Reveals Another New Solo Album Is in the Works

Prince Reveals Another New Solo Album Is in the Works
The visionary, singular artist Prince plays by his own rules, so we're not surprised that he hasn't yet released his long-promised Plectrum Electrum with his backing band 3rd Eye Girl. That said, there's more reason to be excited, as he's just revealed that another album is also on the way.

In addition to Plectrum Electrum, Prince unveiled that he also has a solo record in the works. The artist offered a surprise listen of the release to the Star Tribune.

The record opens with a song called "The Gold Standard," which is described as "percolating electro funk." There was also a song called "This Could Be Us," inspired by the Twitter meme, and a remix of the 3rd Eye Girl collaboration "Funk 'n' Roll."

Finally, the LP includes a song that features rapping from British pop star Rita Ora.

The solo album does not yet have a title or release date, but it certainly adds more reason to impatiently wait for Prince.

The artist also recently signed with Warner Bros. for a forthcoming Purple Rain reissue.