Primal Scream Return With Beautiful Future

Primal Scream Return With <i>Beautiful Future</i>
Notorious shit-disturbers and "godlike geniuses" Primal Scream have set July 21 as the release date for their ninth album.

According to the band's official fan site, Beautiful Future was produced by Bjorn Yttling of Peter Bjorn & John fame, and recorded in Stockholm over the course of only four days. The site quotes Yttling as saying the album will be "much more pop and kraut than earlier... it sounds a bit like Alan Vega and Suicide," and that "the only problem was understanding their extreme Scottish dialect." It will also feature contributions by CSS' Lovefoxxx and Little Barrie.

Front-man Bobby Gillespie spilled more beans about the album back in the February edition of Uncut, saying the recording sessions were "very different from the last record, which was bluesy. It's happy sounding, it's shaping up to be a very 'up' record at the minute - not angular or depressing or anything like that. It's still very guitar-based, maybe a bit more pop, but still very Primal Scream. I think we're always quite pop anyway... stuff like 'Burning Wheel,' to me that's pop. There's a lot of big choruses on this record."

Additionally, back in a March interview with the BBC, Gillespie named a number of producers the band were working with. "We did some tracks with Youth, Paul Epworth - we did some stuff with him," he said. "James Ford is going to do a mix for us as well, and we've been producing stuff ourselves." However, nothing further has been confirmed over the inclusion of those sessions or the rumour that the Scream were also working with Amy Winehouse producer Mark Ronson.

Primal Scream will surely premiere some of Beautiful Future when they play the Massive Attack-curated Meltdown Festival at London's Royal Festival Hall on June 24.

If all that wasn't enough, you can check out the Scream's cover of Dusty Springfield's classic "Son of a Preacher Man" by either fast-forwarding the clip below to the 4:45 mark or by downloading it here.