Prima Donnas Drugs, Sex & Discoteques

If we are to believe the story as it exists on paper, the members of the Prima Donnas are exiles of Sussex, England, who have relocated to Austin due to drug crimes in their native UK. Having left the orphanage that they called home, the lads hitched a ride on a submarine to get to the good ol' U.S.A. On this musically fertile soil, the guys set out to expand their fame, proudly proclaiming themselves the greatest band on Earth. Why is this important? To be honest, their dubious story is the most interesting thing about this release, since the music on Drugs, Sex & Discoteques isn't necessarily going to set the world alight. That said, you have to hand it to them, as bands that have this fun and callous an attitude towards the music biz are certainly a welcome change. Their stage names complete the package nicely too: Otto Matik, Niki Holiday, and Julius Seizure. Musically, the Prima Donnas resurrect an early '80s cocktail of electro pop and punk with enough attitude to make Oasis embarrassed at their behaviour. Their electronic rhythms are bang on, and their subject matter is funny, but this record just doesn't make for outstanding listening. I would expect that this is a band that is better experienced live, since the presentation seems to be more important than the content. (Peek-A-Boo)