Prids Love Zero

There's been a whole lot of stealing from My Bloody Valentine, the Cure and Joy Division lately and even though the sound is getting trite, it's a damn good group to nick from. That being said, you can't fault the Prids for combining MBV boy-girl harmonies over Disintegration-era bass and guitar parts on their debut LP, Love Zero. I mean, their last EP was called Glide, Screamer for God's sake, an obvious nod to Kevin Shields and Co. The Prids bring a lo-fi, indie take on the sound, probably for lack of production dollars, but the musicianship never disappoints. The frenzied drums are buried behind e-bowed guitar wails, Radio Shack synths and rumbling, single-string bass lines on "The Problem" and "Llorar." Elsewhere, dour vocals and a reverb-drenched axe dominate the gorgeous title track. The whole disc leaves two lingering questions, though: There's a new wave scene in Portland? And why would you name your album after a tennis score? (Luminal)