Prideswallower Lifeswallower

Depending on how they are executed, six song EPs can either feel like a drop in the bucket or an endless torment in the deepest pit of hell. In the case of Kentucky blast tyrants Prideswallower, we are victims of the former. Lifeswallower is a concise blast of noise rock that distinguishes and diminishes the gap between sleazy punk rock’n’rollers the Hookers and thunderous dirtballs like Coliseum and the Melvins. Prideswallower revel in feedback and detuned four-chord bangers on this expedient debut, with surprisingly intense but catchy results. The songs are fast yet unrushed and the filthy distortion, aggressive drumming and raspy vocals are thicker than molasses in, well, whatever that cliché is it’s fitting. Yet somehow all of that is still delivered in a second-wave hardcore manner that only serves to strengthen the experience. (Auxiliary)