Pretty Mouth

The Endless Mistake

Pretty MouthThe Endless Mistake
Toronto, ON grindcore band Pretty Mouth have released their second and, sadly, final full-length in cassette form, entitled The Endless Mistake. Pretty Mouth have been described as "noisy," "weird," "heavy" and "chaotic," and The Endless Mistake is no exception, featuring ten tracks encompassing their unique brand of experimental grind. "Student" starts the record off with intense, hollow drumming and screeching, dissonant guitar noise, while echoing, manic vocals blast overtop. The pace quickens with "Way of the Light," which features even more unorthodox, spastic guitar work that carries on through to "Dead and Gone."

"Decisions" provides a breather, slowing things back down before the feedback and clamour of "Dance of Bones" and "Tongue Tied" reawaken the aural assault. Incorporating a mixture of song structures, Pretty Mouth keep you on your toes: "Garotte" is a mish-mash of bizarre noise before the album returns to chaos with both "Failures" and the title-track; closer "Sleep Deprivation" combines the best of both worlds. An unpredictable yet solid release, The Endless Mistake is exceptionally unsettling, but in a good way, the way all grind should be. (Bonesaw)
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