Pretty Flowers Pretty Flowers

This debut EP from Brooklyn’s Pretty Flowers is a quick burst of energy full of gritty vocals, guitars with lots of fuzzy edges, and a few quirky moments that make this band all that more endearing. "Riot” delves into all the right places as the volume cranks up and delves into all the right crunchy, trashed out places you hope from a band like this. The duelling male and female vocals create a pleasant mania within these lo-fi arrangements that are as full of charisma as they are catchy hooks. "I’ve Got Your Love” takes on a new direction lyrically, as it dips into the genre of contemplative love song coated in distortion, but it works. This band have that infectious thing down pat and know how to use it. Pumped up and played loud enough, Pretty Flowers can effortlessly run you down with their fast, punchy sound. (Kick the Machine)