The Prettiots Announce 'Funs Cool' LP, Share New Single and Strokes Cover

The Prettiots Announce 'Funs Cool' LP, Share New Single and Strokes Cover
New York-based duo the Prettiots have revealed plans to release their debut album early next year. The 12-song set is going by the name Funs Cool, and it is set to arrive on February 5 via Rough Trade Records.
A press release describes the album as "a thoughtful, funny, and catchy-as-hell state of the union address from young women living in a big city and watching life unfurl in fits and starts before them."
The two-piece comprises Kay Kasparhauser and Lulu Prat, who navigate the joys and perils of young adulthood using instantly gratifying pop hooks and honest, heartfelt lyrics on their first full-length.
Addressing their tendency towards a simple ukulele-pop sound, Kasparhauser and Prat insist that it's a means to cut to the truth quickly — rather than a result of taking the cute or easy way out.
You can get a taste of the band's sound by listening to a Rough Trade session version of album opener "18 Wheeler," which was recorded in November. They've also shared their own rendition of the Strokes' classic "Someday" from the same session. Scroll past the Funs Cool tracklisting to hear both songs below.
Funs Cool:
1. 18 Wheeler
2. Boys (That I Dated In High School)
3. Hope Yr Happy
4. Move To L.A.
5. Dream Boy
6. Suicide Hotline
7. Kiss Me Kinski
8. Skulls
9. Stabler
10. Anyways
11. Lil Andy
12. 10/10 Would Chill Again