Press The Fine Art of a White Label

To be compared to the likes of Leftfield, Underworld, Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers is a mighty accolade, but an empty one if it cannot be fulfilled. From a mere snippet of Press’ music the comparisons can be easily drawn, but looking just a little deeper below the surface it is even easier to recognise three major deficiencies. Firstly there is a low harmonic rumble but nothing that qualifies as a bass line. Secondly there are no high-end frequencies to take a lead away from the mid-range either melodically or rhythmically. Finally, it doesn’t develop. There are dozens of layers that amount to a wash of sound with no structure or continuity, tracks end abruptly and lack crucial breakdowns and build-ups. The potential in the music is undeniable, the break beats are intense and the mood is effective, but critically it lacks definition. (Lens)