Preoccupations "Disarray" (video)

Preoccupations 'Disarray' (video)
Preoccupations are days away from delivering their New Material, and before the LP arrives, the band have snuck out one last single.

Titled "Disarray," the song arrives alongside a video which finds vocalist/bassist Matt Flegel pacing Saunton Sands in North Devon, UK.

"For me the word 'disarray' conjures up images of a mind unravelling in a chaotic way," director Ruff Mercy explained in a statement. "I wanted to physically show that inner turmoil without having to have Matt or an actor run around with a painted face looking distressed so to cut up and distort and draw over Matt's image felt like an interesting way to show this."

New Material is set to arrive on Friday (March 23) through Flemish Eye/Jagjaguwar. You can see all the band's upcoming tour dates over here.