Preacher's Kids Wild Emotions

If you like the blues-damaged rowdiness of bands like the Deadly Snakes and the Compulsive Gamblers you’ll love the Preacher’s Kids. They’ve got the same heartfelt soul swagger as those bands and songs like "The Honeymoon’s Over" are the proof. A much rockier outing than the debut Tyler Keith and the Preacher’s Kids album a few years back, tracks like the Bo Diddley-esque blazer "Respect Me" come out of the gate like a race horse on crack. The twangy guitars, handclaps, harmonica, tortured vocals and stories of urban love lost make Wild Emotions a great listen. Also ripping are the almost Radio Birdman-ish "Animal Instinct" and the horn-honking sock-it-to-me punch of "Death of a Rolling Stone.” In short, the Preacher’s Kids are laying down more soul here than the last three Jon Spencer albums combined. (Get Hip)