MAGIC!'s New Album Comes with a Free Reggae Costume

MAGIC!'s New Album Comes with a Free Reggae Costume
Canadian hitmakers MAGIC! play a sterile, Disney-fied sort of reggae pop — the kind of hummable, laid-back tunes that would soundtrack a Billabong commercial that's heavy on the lens flares. They're about to drop another batch of happy-hour anthems on their new album Primary Colours, and if you pre-order it you could get your hands on some swaggy reggae-bro clothes.

The boys have pieced together an excellent Primary Colours CD box set that comes with a great deal of summertime apparel that's perfect for both the beach or your favourite chain restaurant's patio.

In addition to the CD, the box will come with a booklet signed by the boys, who will also include a letter written to you.

Best of all, however, the box also comes with a nice little festival reggae uniform. That includes an exclusive MAGIC! tank top, an exclusive (and extra floppy) MAGIC! beanie hat and, perhaps best of all, an exclusive 22-inch wooden bead necklace designed by the band's crooning frontman Nasri.

If you want to be as authentically tropical as a cup of Orange Julius, you can pre-order the limited box set here.

Watch MAGIC! jam out with Sean Paul on "Lay You Down Easy" below. Primary Colours officially kicks off summer's good vibes on July 1.