Pre-Green Day Outfit the Lookouts Celebrated with Reissue

Pre-Green Day Outfit the Lookouts Celebrated with Reissue
Before Green Day drummer Tre Cool started beating the skins behind Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt, he was the pint-sized and pre-teenage drummer for Bay Area pop punks the Lookouts. Thirty years after the band's formation, a sizable chunk of their catalogue is popping up on a career-observing release titled Spy Rock Road (And Other Stories). Don Giovanni Records delivers the compendium on CD, double LP and digitally on March 10.

A press release explains that the band were formed in 1985 by guitarist Larry Livermore (who'd later start up the Lookout Records imprint), bassist Kain Kong, and a 12-year-old Tre Cool. The pop punk band played together until 1990, issuing a handful of releases along the way, most of which appear on the upcoming compilation.

The old songs were remastered in 2014 by John Golden, with the collection containing tracks from debut LP One Planet One People, 1989's Spy Rock Road, and their Mendicino Homeland and IV EPs. Also included are various compilation contributions and material from their 1985 demo tape, Lookout! It's the Lookouts. The bulk of the material had previously been delivered through Livermore's Lookout Records, which had also pressed early records for Green Day.

In addition to the band's own punky skills, including Cool's "unbroken three-and-a-half-octave soprano," the Lookouts recording features guest appearances from Operation Ivy/Rancid's Tim "Lint" Armstrong, Kevin Army of Blatz, and Cool's future Green Day mate Billie Joe Armstrong.

Up above you'll see the artwork, a modified take on the original Spy Rock Road, while you'll find the tracklisting details down below.

Spy Rock Road (And Other Stories):

1. Story

2. Agape

3. Out My Door

4. Dying

5. I Saw Her Standing There

6. Judgment Day

7. Religion Ain't Cool

8. Mendocino Homeland

9. Big Green Monsters

10. Once Upon A Time

11. Outside

12. Kick Me In The Head

13. California/Mendocino

14. That Girl's From Outer Space

15. Wild

16. Alienation

17. Generation

18. The Green Hills Of England

19. Living Behind Bars

20. Red Sea

21. Sonny Boy

22. Trees

23. Life

24. Friends