Pre-Dirty Three Band Venom P. Stinger Treated to Reissue Series via Drag City

Pre-Dirty Three Band Venom P. Stinger Treated to Reissue Series via Drag City
Years before Mick Turner and Jim White teamed up with violinist Warren Ellis to become instrumental post-rock trio Dirty Three, the pair of Australian musicians punked it up in their '80s project Venom P. Stinger. If you missed out on grabbing any of their records back in the day, you're in luck: Drag City serves up a series of reissues August 20.

First off, the label is set to release four of the outfit's vinyl releases on freshly pressed wax. This includes their 1986 debut LP Meet My Friend Venom, the "Walking About"/"26 Milligrams" 7-inch from 1988, 1990's What's Yours Is Mine LP, and 1991's Waiting Room 12-inch EP. In case you don't have a turntable, all of these will be pumped onto a double-CD set fittingly titled 1986-1991.

Venom P. Stinger were formed in the mid-'80s out of the ashes of Melbourne acts such as Sick Things, the Moodists, Fungus Brains, People With Chairs Up Their Noses, and the Feral Dinosaurs. A press release explains that Venom P. Stinger's hardcore punk sound was driven by Turner's "burnt-and-twisted guitar tone." White was on drums, Alan Secher-Jensen handled bass duties, and vocalist Dugald McKenzie shouted out lyrics "conveying the awful qualities of life."

You can hear a sample of what's in store in the series now via a filthy and fuzzed-out post-punk cover of Rick James' "Superfreak." It's actually not on the CD proper, but will be available as a download upon purchase. You can stream the cut down below.


1. P.C.P. Crazy / Jaws
2. Hold Me Closer
3. And Suddenly
4. Going Nowhere
5. Flourish Wish
6. Untitled
7. Precious Little Time
8. Jaws II
9. Venom P. Stinger
10. Walking About
11. 26 mg.
12. Those Snakes
13. Before You Open My Eyes
14. Hell Street
15. My Hole
16. The Quiet One
17. Impressions
18. Home Sweet Home
19. Lethargy
20. Dear God
21. Unused
22. Day Will Come
23. Greystones
24. What's Yours Is Mine
25. Pressure Inside
26. Inside The Waiting Room
27. I Try, I Really Try
28. Turning Green
29. In Love
30. Superfreak (non-CD, online-only free track)