Pre-Beachwood Sparks Project Further Collect Rarities for 'Where Were You Then?'

Pre-Beachwood Sparks Project Further Collect Rarities for 'Where Were You Then?'
Close to 20 years after issuing their swan song LP Next Time West Coast, cult Los Angeles indie outfit Further have announced a new compilation gathering a handful of singles and rarities. Dubbed Where Were You Then?, the collection arrives September 2 via Bad Paintings.

A press release explains that the band were founded in the early '90s by Darren and Brent Rademaker following the breakup of their Shadowland project. The earlier project had fallen out of the major label machinery following a pair of LPs for Geffen, with Further finding the Rademakers starting anew with drummer Kevin Fitzgerald and guitarist Josh Schwartz. Described as "overdosing on weed, surfing and Dinosaur Jr's You're Living All Over Me, Further first issued the Filling Station single for Bongload and went on to record for other indie labels such as Christmas, Fingerpaint and Creation side-label Ball Product, among others.

Where Were You Then? compiles tracks from 1992's Filling Station, the Born Under a Good Sign EP from 1993, a split with Fluf, the Grimes Golden 10-inch, the Distance EP and other tracks recorded between 1991 and 1997.

You'll find a stream of lo-fi Grimes Golden track "California Bummer" beneath the tracklisting.

Following the breakup of Further, the Rademakers and Schwartz would go on to form the Tyde, while Brent Rademaker helped found sunny popsmiths Beachwood Sparks, and Fitzgerald would go on to play drums for the Circle Jerks.

Where Were You Then?:

1. Filing Station
2. Over And Out
3. Generic 7 
4. She Lives By The Castle 2
5. Surfing Pointers
6. California Bummer 
7. Quiet Riot Grrrl 
8. Springfiled Mods
9. Spheres of Influence 
10. Wett Katt 
11. I Wanna Be A Stranger
12. Be That As It May
13. Grandview Skyline