Prairie Cat Unveils 7-Inch EP, Premieres New Video

Prairie Cat Unveils 7-Inch EP, Premieres New Video
In addition to being a talented drummer about town, Vancouver multi-instrumentalist Cary Pratt performs his own tunes under the punning moniker Prairie Cat. On August 6, he will release his latest collection of songs in the form of Got Nothin'. This 7-inch EP will arrive via Triple Crown Audio Recordings of Canada.

This is the first Prairie Cat release in a few years, since it follows his 2009 full-length It Began/Ended with Sparks. The songs were recorded with Ryan Dahle at Vancouver's Greenhouse Studios, and a press release notes that Pratt is "joined here by mostly himself," plus a few guests.

The drums and pianos of the title track "were recorded after hours in an historic, haunted downtown Vancouver theatre. While listening closely to the empty theatre's natural acoustics, one can clearly hear whispers of captured EVP (Electronic-Voice Phenomenon)."

Watch a music video for the quirkily bummed-out pop track below, which shows various folks in Vancouver flashing rude hand gestures at the camera. Watch for a cameo from Bend Sinister's Dan Moxon.

The 7-inch runs at 33 rpm and includes three songs, plus an outro, which isn't included in the tracklist. Three different variations on the artwork will be available.

This mini-platter will be followed by the full-length album Who Knows Where to Begin?, which was co-produced by Pratt along with Dahle.

Got Nothin':

1. Got Nothin'
2. Beautiful Baby
3. Some Friends May Go
4. Outro