Prairie Cat "Beautiful Baby" (NSFW lyric video)

Prairie Cat 'Beautiful Baby' (NSFW lyric video)
Prairie Cat, otherwise known as Vancouver songwriter Cary Pratt, released his Got Nothin' 7-inch this summer via Triple Crown Audio Recordings of Canada, and now he's shared a lyric video for the cut "Beautiful Baby."

The song is a bubbly acoustic ditty that centres around brisk campfire strumming. The accompanying video shows a burlesque dancer performing a risqué near-naked routine. We've never seen anyone play the congas quite like that before. Her nudity is barely covered by the skimpy outfit, so we're going to label this one NSFW.

A statement accompanying the clip reads, "In true burlesque form this performance shows a commercially non-traditional feminine form in a sexy striptease with a funny/happy ending. The Bongo Beauty in this video has an amazing talent for playing the congas. Haters gonna hate but forget what people think they know about you from your looks (or past) and have fun. Prairie Cat loves you just the way you are. Video starring VaVa Vunderbust. Music and lyrics by Prairie Cat. Filmed and edited by R. I. Productions."