Po Po Explore 'Dopy Boy Magick' on Debut Album

Po Po Explore 'Dopy Boy Magick' on Debut Album
Philadelphia-based outfit Po Po have been working on their debut full-length for some time, and were one of the first rock acts to sign with Diplo's Mad Decent label. Now, after a long wait, they've finally announced the details for their debut album.

The record is called Dope Boy Magick, and a press release explains that fans of the band will be "delightfully surprised with their bigger, more polished foray into harmonic arena rock and glitchy electronic mind-benders, all while holding tight to the sludgy lo-fi sound which has come to define them."

The album was partly produced by frontman Zeb Malik, along with work from Diplo and Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs). It also features an appearance from Nguzunguzu.

Dope Boy Magick will be available on February 28 via Mad Decent. Album track "Knife Iz Yung" can be heard via Pitchfork, while "Let's Get Away" is available via Stereogum.

Dope Boy Magick:

1. "Dnt Wnt U, Jst Wnt It All"
2. "Final Fight"
3. "Let's Get Away"
4. "Knife Iz Yung"
5. "Holy Mountain"
6. "Losn A Mind"
7. "About U Boy"
8. "Bummer Summer"
9. "U Remind Me"
11. "Sik Sik SIk"
12. "Last Name Malik But The Boys Call Me Freak"
13. "Teen Dreamz"