Power and the Glory Call Me Armageddon

This splinter of a sub-genre is already running the risk of becoming a bit too same-y, but for now, this Kurt Ballou-produced noisy hardcore is still a real shitstorm of fun. The Power and the Glory, much like Backstabbers Inc. and Converge themselves (of which Ballou is a member), play a wonderfully chaotic, frantic kind of hardcore that is not concerned with trying to be more technical than their peers and certainly not concerned with the trends of the day. So take your eyeliner and shove it up your Soundscan-watching self-conscious ass, as this is hardcore as it should be: fast, angry, and noisy. More on the metallic hardcore side of things, as opposed to finger-pointing old school hardcore or modern metalcore, TP&TG use simple song structures to their advantage. And to get back to where I started, I absolutely love Kurt’s production sound, harnessing the natural, roomy acoustics of this bare-boned hardcore, adding in layers of distortion and ambience, creating an absolute monster out of simple, sincere music. Pure, real and incredibly satisfying. (Deathwish Inc.)