Potty Mouth Hell Bent

Potty MouthHell Bent
Before a generation of Blink wannabes made it a dirty term, pop-punk was a pretty appropriate term for punk bands willing to adhere to the stylistic confines of pop. Now, a new generation of acts are looking to bring it back to its roots. Leading the charge are Potty Mouth, four women from Northampton, MA who've made a name for themselves on the back of a pair of DIY releases that harken back to the early '90s without wallowing in the era's tropes. Elements of Jawbreaker, Pavement and even some riot grrrl gender politics rear their heads on their debut proper. The sound is beefier, but no less raw. Lead singer Abby Weems' laconic monotone belies the record's energy and things feel like they could fall apart at any minute, only adding to the sense of urgency propelling the album. Barely two years old, the group aren't yet fully formed, as there's sameness to many of the tracks that some judicious editing could have solved. That doesn't take away from the sheer joy imbued in Hell Bent though. Given how far they've come in such a short time span, their next move is sure to be a giant leap. (Old Flame)