A Post Modern Life Funkservice International

Light and lounge-y, composer/producer Adli Fadi and producer Jonas Persson have dropped ten tracks of jazzy funky lounge that, while sway-worthy, suffers from the trends of the recent past. In other words, it bears all the marks of the edge of a 2003/2004 trend in the genre: a down-tempo vibe amped by funky muted bass, jingly jazz drums, the odd dreamy horn line, and laidback lady voices. Although dated, it’s still enjoyable; better yet is the songs that have withstood the test of time and the trappings of the formula. "Theme (from The Smoking Detective)” has real, although wispy, soul, while "Life is Good” uses the flute as a simple and elegant centrepiece as it bounces along. Throughout the album, Kajsa Karlsson’s voice is perfectly positioned, getting the most mileage out of the impossibly airy vocals. However, the enjoyment of the golden tone of her voice is damaged by lukewarm lyrics that most often fail to convey the richness of the small, personal moments they address. (Aporia)