Post Malone's Plane Makes Emergency Landing

Post Malone's Plane Makes Emergency Landing
Photo: Wendy Wei
Post Malone is in a very dangerous situation, as the rapper is currently onboard a plane that's attempting to perform an emergency landing.

The private jet's tires reportedly blew as it was taking off from New Jersey's Teterboro Airport earlier today, both TMZ and the Associated Press report.

The plane was headed to London. However, after the tires blew during takeoff, the pilot has been forced to circle back and attempt to perform an emergency landing.

There are reportedly a total of 16 people onboard the plane. As TMZ reports, air traffic control has informed the pilot to continue the flight to Massachusetts in order to burn more fuel for a safer possible crash landing. The plane reportedly has 3,700 gallons of fuel to burn.

You can check out some video footage of the situation over here at TMZ.

UPDATE (8/21, 4 p.m. EDT): According to various media reports, the plane thankfully has landed safely at an airport in Orange County, NY. He tweeted the following message to fans below.