The potential for typos in the name of this release is huge, as Belgium blackened deathsters Possession take us on a lyrical journey about a witch living in France between the titular years of this 25-minute mini-album. It's sort of the most interesting thing about the package, though: I like the tunes, but they're so barbaric and simplistic in approach that they get old fairly fast. The tempo is one-dimensional, which can work for this particularly ugly strain of death, but it works only in a limited way here.
I find myself yearning for the band to stretch out the moments of diversity for longer: the quick sludge break in "Ceremony" and the totally enthusiastic early-song near-punk buildup of "Ablaze," the disc's highlight, particularly. As is, it works for a few minutes, but I constantly find myself hoping for more. Considering this band has yet to put out a full-length, maybe they'll deliver on that when the time comes. Craft more "Ablaze"s and spice up the overall approach for a more powerful attack next time. (Iron Bonehead / Invictus)
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