POS Buckslice Compilation

POS, also known as the Phreaks, are a crew of 30-plus artists out of Vancouver. The Buckslice Compilation is the first release from POS but they have a pretty big underground following in the lower mainland. The crew was founded in 1998 by Werd 1 and was mainly comprised of graffiti artists but when the Krylon can wasn't enough to express themselves, POS decided to head off to the studio to start working on some music. The result is a fairly mellow sounding album with some intricate lyrics. "4 L's" features Langdon Auger who flexes some of the best lyrics on the album. Other notable lyrics from Konrad on "Confessions Of A Misunderstood Producer," which tells the story of his struggles in life with his parents. Konrad also makes up most of the production on the album but there are nine producers in total. Overall, the POS crew delivers a very unpretentious and honest album that can be summed up by one of their best lines: "biting other styles while I make my own.” (Independent)