Portishead Talk Fourth Album, Label Options

Portishead Talk Fourth Album, Label Options
Portishead have leaked some more details about their post-Third plans, saying the trip-hoppers plan to "plough onto" their next record and line up a bunch more live dates in the near future.

While it took the band 11 years to follow up 1997's Portishead with this year's Third, the group's lynchpin Geoff Barrows recently backed up previous comments that Portishead would soon get to work on their fourth studio album, which for now we're simply going to dub Fourth.

"When everyone's had a bit of a break, I think we're just going to plough onto it," Barrows told BBC 6 Music. "I think we're kind of there now. We've sat down and we've talked about the direction and stuff like that.

"Everyone seems really positive about it. And I think everybody at some point wants to get back out on the road, because we didn't really do an awful lot of live stuff. What's really interesting is that we're in this lucky position now. We haven't got a record company; our deal ended and so did our publishing deal.

"So we pretty much own all of our own rights now, which is scary, as well as exciting, really, so we're thinking of loads of different ways of doing things."

Third was released via Universal Music Group affiliate Mercury/Island but Barrows did not mention whether Portishead would strike up a new deal with similar major label representation or go the indie route. He also didn't say when Portishead plan to re-enter the studio or when fans could expect Fourth.

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