Portishead Talk Another New Record, Side Projects

Portishead Talk Another New Record, Side Projects
Portishead may have taken a good ten years to follow up their last album with Third, but it appears we won’t have to wait long for their fourth (which could very well be titled Fourth, for all we know). While recently talking with Xfm, Geoff Barrows said the group are eager to get going on new recordings, both as Portishead and with other musical projects.

"It's time for us now to stop, regroup and make another record," Barrows said. "It certainly won't be another ten years until our next album. I'd be 142 years old! As long as it still feels right and we still want to work together and we're all getting out of it want we need to be creatively happy, then yeah, I don't see why we wouldn't keep going now.”

Barrows also dropped word that vocalist Beth Gibbons has stepped back into the movie world and composed music for a yet to be disclosed film. (She previously wrote the soundtrack for the 2005 movie, L’Annulaire.) Also, Barrows said he has started work on a new hip-hop project called Quakers, and guitarist Adrian Utley apparently has few extracurricular musical activities on the go as well.

"Beth has just finished a soundtrack for a film, Adrian has got his own projects too and I'm doing a hip-hop project called Quakers, which is a load of mates online just chucking stuff at stuff,” Barrows said. "I really wanted to make a hip-hop record before I'm forty."

However, on the live front, Barrows said Portishead wouldn’t be playing any more shows this year, so if you miss them this time out, you’re out of luck.

The band’s second Third single "The Rip,” hits shops today.

Portishead "The Rip”