Portishead Leave Island, Explore Free Agency

Portishead Leave Island, Explore Free Agency
Having ended their major label commitments to Island, Portishead are apparently looking for some advice on what to do next. In a new MySpace blog post, Geoff Barrows of the newly freed trip-hop agents revealed the band are weighing their options of how best to sell their music, and asking fans to pass on any wisdom that they might have.

"We spent the day discussing the future of the P, as we are free. Well, free of a deal and free of commitment... for now!" Barrows writes. "With the world being the way it is there are lots of options open, but if you lot have any bright ideas of how we should sell our music in the future, let us know, why not!"

However, if your advice involves the band giving away their music rather than making a living off it, you might want to keep it to yourself.

"I don't think that we're into giving our music away for free, to be honest," he writes. "It fucking takes ages to write and we have to heat our swimming pools!"

Barrows's comments follow word from Portishead last year that they're going to "plough onto it" and get to work on their follow-up to their much-loved Third LP. But considering that record took a good 11 years to complete, you likely have some time to pass on your wisdom.