The Populars A Pill for Everyone

I’m surprised there is still a spot in society for generic pop rock, especially when it’s this uninteresting. A good album doesn’t give itself away upon first listen; it requires time and patience. Every time you listen to it you will discover something new, that’s what keeps you going back for more. Then there are albums like the Populars’ A Pill for Everyone, which you can listen to and gain nothing from and never ever need to hear again to know what it’s all about. In fact, you could just listen to a few songs and guess what the rest of the album sounds like because it’s that bland and has been done before a hundred times. It’s like a watered down version of the Salads or a Gob album with half the energy and painfully ridiculous lyrics. Just hear the raunchy opening of "Marilyn,” where they sing, "don’t talk, don’t talk, it hurts my head… I’m tired, I’m tired, shoulda stayed in bed” and you’ll be wishing they took their own advice. (Kindling)