Popol Vuh's Early Works Treated to Vinyl Reissue Campaign

Popol Vuh's Early Works Treated to Vinyl Reissue Campaign
While many of Krautrock's biggest players have been treated to extensive reissue campaigns, the same can't be said of ethereal kosmische musik masters Popol Vuh. However, that will soon change thanks to Spanish label Wah-Wah Records/Supersonic Sounds, who will spearhead a new vinyl reissue campaign.

Come September 16, the first five albums by the late Florian Fricke's project will receiving their first legit vinyl pressings since their original release. These albums include Popol Vuh's 1970 debut Affenstunde, 1971's In den Gärten Pharaos, 1972's Hosianna Mantra, 1973's Seligpreisung and 1974's Einsjäger und Siebenjäger — all of which have been out of print on vinyl for years and fetch a pretty penny online.

Press material explains that each recording has been worked on using the master tapes and will be packaged in a "full glory laminated gatefold cover." The reissues will also come with new liner notes from Popol Vuh "expert" Dolf Mulder, as well as inserts and photos.

While some of the reissues are being preserved as is, there are a couple bonus tracks floating through the reissue series. Affenstunde's Moog-experimenting tracklisting is being extended via the inclusion of "Bettina," a track that originally appeared on the Electric Rock compilation. Hosianna Mantra, meanwhile, will include a bonus 7-inch of Korean soprano Djong Yun's "Du Sollst Lieben"/"Ave Maria," which features Popol Vuh as the backing band.

Several online retailers in the UK are already offering pre-orders, such as Piccadilly Records and Norman Records. However, you may want to act fast, as each vinyl reissue will be limited to 500 copies worldwide