Popol Vuh Remixed by Stereolab, Mouse On Mars, Moritz von Oswald on New Collection

Popol Vuh Remixed by Stereolab, Mouse On Mars, Moritz von Oswald on New Collection
While German Krautrock unit Popol Vuh synthesized a number of influences into their sound, from prog rock to world to classical to ambient, a new collection primes to push their mind-bending sound even further via some new remixes. The two-disc Revisited & Remixed (1970-99) will serve as a primer to the group's recorded oeuvre, while also offering reinterpreted tracks from Stereolab, Mouse on Mars and more.

The first disc, sub-titled Planet Side, acts as more of a best-of, with a number of selections taken from their epic soundtrack work for Werner Herzog. Whether exploring Eastern music or manipulating Moog synthesizer sounds, tracks from Herzog's Nosferatu, Cobra Verde and Aguirre are good representations of the act. There are also some more electronic-leaning cuts from the latter half of Popol Vuh's career.

The second disc, Cosmic Side, collects a number of remixes that have surfaced over the years. Edited versions of "Nacht Schnee" and "Aguirre I/II," done by Pan Sonic's Mika Vainio and Haswell & Hecker, respectively, appear on the set. Editions Mego released the full versions on a limited-edition twelve-inch in 2008. Stereolab contribute a version of "Hosianna Mantra," from the 1972 record of the same name, while "Gärten Pharaos" is redone by Moritz von Oswald.

"Popol Vuh guided me into a world of wonder and awe," Stereolab's Tim Gane said in a statement. "At its core the music is very spiritual, they just sound far out and mysterious. The clanging guitar chord of 'Wehe Khorazin' will stay with me all my life. At that moment you really do travel a million miles."

Revisited & Remixed producer Rolan Appel added that the project lets listeners new and old learn about the celebrated outfit. Even as a longtime fan, the collection offered up something new.

"I thought that I know a lot about Popol Vuh. But I learned that there is much more behind this project than music," Appel said. "It's almost a cosmos and I think that's the reason why the music and the project Popol Vuh is such an inspiration for so many people, including myself."

Revisited & Remixed (1970-99) will be released June 24 on SPV Records.

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Revisited & Remixed (1970-99):

Planet Side (Revisited):

1. "Aguirre I Lacrima di Rei"

2. "Affenstunde"
3. "In den Gärten Pharaos"
4. "Ich mache einen Spiegel"
5. "Nachts - Schnee"
6. "Eine andere Welt"
7. "In your Eyes"
8. "Train through time"
9. "Nascita"
10. "Brüder Des Schattens"
11. "Through Pain to Heaven"
12. "Kailash: Last Village"

Cosmic Side (Remixed):

1. "Aguirre I / II" (Lacrima Di Rei edit - Peter Kruder remix)

2. "Schnee" (Flow edit - Thomas Fehlmann remix)

3. "Heart of Glass" (Sei Still Wisse Ich Bin -  A Critical Mass remix)

4. "Haram Dei Haram Dei" (ProgRock Edit - Alex Barck remix)

5. "Through Pain to Heaven / Kyrie" (Edit - Roland Appel remix)

6. "Nachts Schnee" (Ambient edit - Mika Vainio remix)

7. "Gärten Pharaos" (Dark Development Edit - Moritz von Oswald remix)

8. "Through Pain to Heaven" (Dopeful Vuh - Mouse On Mars remix)

9. "Hosianna Mantra" (Lyrics edit -Stereolab Remix)

10. "Aguirre I / II" (Endless edit - Haswell & Hecker remix)

11. "Train through time" (long edit - Popol Vuh)