The Pope Sports

A bass and drum duo based in L.A., the Pope’s noise rock assault is a tornado of fuzzy metal riffs, pummelling drums and high-pitched vocals. Their fourth full-length, Sports, is tied together with audio samples of sporting events both recognisable and hilariously obscure. Opener "Triumph of the Will” pits the drums and bass against each other for an explosive, albeit melodic, disaster, while "Touchdown Johnny” allows an ambient segue to interrupt its bedlam. Unfortunately, as with their previous records, their ideas often owe too much to Lightning Bolt. It gets to the point where tracks like "Great Leap Forward” sound like they could have been taken from LB’s classic Wonderful Rainbow. If Sports proves anything, it’s that the Pope have the potential to become noise rock leaders if they could only develop a unique sound. (Wäntage USA)