Pop Montreal Adds Kid Koala, Braids, Killer Mike, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan to Final Lineup

Pop Montreal Adds Kid Koala, Braids, Killer Mike, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan to Final Lineup
This year's Pop Montreal festival looks to be one of its biggest and most diverse yet. The annual shindig, which takes place at various venues between September 25 and 29, has got even bigger with more last-minute additions.

Along with sets from previously announced acts like The-Dream, Shuggie Otis and METZ (among many, many others), the organizers have added Kid Koala to the bill, who'll perform something that's being described as a "mysterious culinary musical storytelling adventure on wheels," as well as Miracle Fortress, Killer Mike and Moonface.

Other acts added to the fest include Plants and Animals, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Solar Year and Braids. There's also a speaking engagement from Nation of Ulysses/Make-Up/Chain and the Gang mastermind Ian Svenonius.

For the completists out there, here's the full list of confirmed musical acts performing at the event:

'a k u a', A-ROCK, Absolutely Free, ADAM DOUBLEYOU, Adam Gollner, Adam Strangler, AfriKeleKtro, AIM LOW, Alaclair Ensemble, Alejandro Paz, Alright Alright, Amand'amour (DJ), Amantani, ANALOG, Andy Boay, ANGO, APigeon, Aquil, Arc Iris, Ariane Zita, AroarA, ARP, Asthma Camp, Astral Swans, Auresia, Beach Season, Bearmace, Ben UFO, Bernie Worrell w/ Fred Wesley, Big Brave, Big Dick, Black Atlass, Black Bear, Blood And Glass, Bobo & Chris, Born Gold, Boyhood, BRAIDS, Brave Radar, Brendan Canning, Brews Willis, Brusque Twins, Buddy McNeil & The Magic Mirrors, Burning The Oppressor, Cabaal, Cadence Weapon (DJ), Caged Animals, Cakes da Killa, Calvin Love, CAMP, Camp Fortune, Carlyle Williams, Catriona Sturton, Caves, Chairs, Chali 2na, Colin Stetson, Chappo, Charlotte Cornfield, Charlotte Day Wilson, Chevalier Avant-Garde, Chic Gamine, Cinema l'amour, CKUT Circuit Workshop Ensemble, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Comanechi, CONSTRUCT, Corinna Rose, Cory Arcangel, COUSINS, CRABE, Cri, CROSSS, CTZNSHP, D'Eon, Daddy Big (DJ), Dago, Dam Ships, Dead Gaze, Dead Man Get Up!, Dear Denizen, Dent May, Diamond Bones, DIANA, Dino Secondino (DJ Set), Dirty Frigs, Dishwasher, DJ Brace, DJ Lexis, DJ Matt Sonzala, DJ Noah Bick, DJ Vadim, DJ Why Alex, Why?, Doba, Doldrums, DOOMSQUAD, Dorothea Paas, Dorothy Moore, Drainolith, Dresden Dresses, Each Other, ECHO BEACH, Eden Sela, Einar Jullum and the Well, Well, Wells, El Salvador, Emily and Ogden, Emma Frank, Empress Of, Engone Endong, Evan Dubinski as The DJ, Ewan Pearson (DJ set), Expwy, F.U.N.K, Fabricville, Factor, Facts, Fallstaf, Family Grind (313phresh & TrueSpeech), Fat Tony, Femme Accident, Femminielli, Fevers, Filthy Haanz, Fire/Works, Fist City, Flist, FM Hi Low, Foe Destroyer, Folly and the Hunter, Fortunate Ones, Four Colour Zack (as a Judge), Foxtrott, Fragile Feet, Freak Heat Waves, Fred Eaglesmith, Freelove Fenner, Gazoline, Geat Z (DJ), Gianna Lauren, Girl Arm, Gobby, GODS, Gold Cult, GOLD ZEBRA, Grey Kingdom, Grounders, Gulfer, Haiduks, Hans Bernhard, Heat, Heaven for real, Hedspin (as a Judge), Henward, Hilotrons, Hobo Cubes, Holobody, Holy Cobras, Homeshake, Honey Wild, Honor Gavin, How Sad, HSY, Hua Li, Hunters, Hunting, Ian Isiah, Ingrid Gatin, Invisible City Sound System, J.A.S.S., James Irwin, Jason Bajada, Jay Arner, Jay Malinowski, Jean Sebastien Audet, Jel, Jennifer Castle, Jenny Hval, Jesse Mac Cormack, Jessy Lanza, Jesuslesfilles, JFM, Jjanice+, John Lee (DJ), John Tasker (DJ), John Ward's Electric Séance, JohnJohn, Jointpop, Jon Mckiel, Jordan Dare (DJ), Joseph & the Mercurials, Kae Sun, Karneef, Katie Moore, KDC, Ketamines, Kid Koala, Kieran Blake, Killer Mike & Tre Mission, Koko, Krief, Krill, Kristeen Young, kurvi tasch, Kydd, L'Ensemble d'Ondes de Montréal, L'Indice, La Terreur (DJ Set), Labess, Lae, LAKE, Lakes of Canada, Language Arts, Le Couleur, Le Monde dans le Feu, Le Trouble, Lee Bannon, Lee Reed, Legendary Pink Dots, Les Jupes, Les Sœurs Boulay, Leverage Models, Li'l Andy, Lido Pimienta, Life in Winter, LIMM, Local Natives, Look Vibrant, Loon Choir, Loose Pistons, Lowlands, Lucas Hicks, Lydia Ainsworth, Majical Cloudz, Marble Lion, Marie Davidson, Marie-Jo Thério, Markus Floats, Mashrou' Leila, Mathematique, Matias Aguayo, Mavo, Megan Bonnell, Mehdi Cayenne Club, MEKELE, METZ, Michael Feuerstack, Michael Rault, MIDAS, Mike O'Brien, Milk Lines, Miracle Fortress, Miss Ter Lizard, Mitz (DJ), Molly Sweeney, Monomyth, Montag, Moonface, MORI, Mossman, Motel Raphael, Mozart's Sister, Murray A. Lightburn, My Favorite Robot (DJ Set), Nacomi, Nanimal, NEW MYTHS, New Swears, Nick Persons, No Magic, Nom de Plume (Radio Radio), NONI WO, Norvaiza, Odonis Odonis, Ögenix, Oh Land, Old and weird, Ollie North, Orbit Service, Orkestar Kriminal, Ought, Our souls Evolve, pachyderm, Pale Eyes, Pang Attack, Pangaea, PAON, Party In Alaska, Pat Jordache, Pat Lepoidevin, Pathological Lovers, Patrick Watson, Pearson Sound, Petty Sweat, Pick A Piper, Pierre Kwenders, Pierre Perpall, Pigeon Phat, Pillars and Tongues, Plants & Animals, Poirier, Ponctuation, Pop. 1280, Portugal. The Man, Pow Wows, Pregnancy Scares, PROGRAM (formerly Volcano Playground), Pyongyang, PyPy, Quaker Parents, Quill, Radiation City, Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, RAKAM, Ramzi, Red Mass, Renny Wilson, Reversing Falls, Rosebuddy, Royal Canoe, Safia Nolin, SAGEWONDAH, Saint Rich, Saltland, San Fermi, Saxsyndrum, Sea Oleena, Seb Diamond, Secret Sun, Seez (DJ), Selector Spoon-Bee, Seoul, Serengeti, SHASH'U, Shauit, She Divides, Shuggie Otis, Sibian & Faun, Silverkeys, Simahlak, Sing Leaf, Skratch Bastid (as a Judge), Slight, Solar Year, Soldout, Sole, South of France, Special Noise, SSION, ST x LIAM, St. Louis, Strange Names, Subtitle, Sunfields, SUUNS, Sweet T (DJ), Sydney Valette, Tal National, TarabZA, Team Rockit, Technical Kidman, Teledrome, The Audible Doctor, The BCASA, The blue seeds, The Bronzed Chorus, The Cauldron Project, The Dodos, The Golden Tribe, The Highest Order, The Hydrothermal Vents, The J.Davis Trio, The Mandates, The Moment, The Mouthbreathers, The Narcicyst, The Nymphets, The Orator, The Salivation Army, The Sin and The Swoon, The This Many Boyfriends Club, The Tontons, The Trick, The Wind & The Wild, The-Dream, Third World, This Sound Will Save You, Thus:Owls, Tikvah Themba, Tim Beeler & AJ Cornell, Tim Hecker, Toast Dawg, Tommy Kruise, Tony Cops (DJ Set), TOPS, Tyler Kealey, Typhoon, Ukrainia, UN, Unbeing, Valley, Viet Cong, Violence, Wake Island, walrus, Wannabe: The Spice Girls Tribute Band, We Need Surgery, Weaves, Whitehorse, Whoop Dee Doo, Wild Nothing, Wild Ways, Wilderling, WTCHS, Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, Yellowman vs Josey Wales, You'll Never Get to Heaven, Young Benjamins, Young Braised, YouYourself&i and Zen Mystery Fogg.

A commercial for this year's Pop Montreal is available below.