Pop Levi Medicine

Pop LeviMedicine
After spending some time in Ladytron and a handful of other bands, Pop Levi emerged back in 2004 as a glam rock version of Prince at his funkiest and eventually released his very entertaining debut, The Return to Form Black Magick Party. But since then, he's been in a bit of rut that even led to his third album never seeing the light of day. Third album proper Medicine does a little to reverse that trend, although not enough. The majority of the songs hurtle along at a breakneck speed and the combination of that frenetic pace with the cluttered production makes for an exhausting listen that fails as often as it succeeds. The songs rely too much on repetition, with the same tricks being employed repeatedly, and not for the first time either. Levi hasn't exactly grown with each and every album, and his wheel spinning has gotten the better of him again, because, apart from a couple of catchy tunes, Medicine isn't very exciting. (Counter)