Poor Form 'Boxed In' (EP stream)

Poor Form 'Boxed In' (EP stream)
Vancouver-centric imprint Kingfisher Bluez is giving the hometown pop punk scene a shout-out, with a new 7-inch from Poor Form on the way this January. Lucky us, though, the digital version of their scratchy, '90s East Bay-leaning Boxed In single is streaming now on Bandcamp.

Featuring members of Siren Songs and Needles//Pins, the foursome dabble in a gleefully distortion- and pale ale-soaked sound recalling prime-era Jawbreaker. And just like that band's Blake Schwarzenbach's famously gravelly cries, vocalist Legs befittingly gives off her own ragged melodies above the guitar buzz.

The 7-inch is expected to start shipping January 30, but you'll find Boxed In's four tracks down below. The band will also playing the Kingfisher Bluez Christmas party in Vancouver on December 19.

Tour dates:

12/19 Vancouver, BC - The Astoria (Kingfisher Bluez Xmas Party)
01/17 Vancouver, BC - The Black Lab
02/14 Vancouver, BC - The Black Lab