Ponytail Prep Do Whatever You Want All the Time

Ponytail Prep <i>Do Whatever You Want All the Time</i>
It's been three years since Baltimore, MD weirdos Ponytail released the screwy Ice Cream Spiritual. The album was a joyous blast of experimental guitar pop, with especially bizarre vocal musings from mush-mouthed gibberish deliverer Molly Siegel. It was heart-warmingly weird, to say the least. Ready to further their out-there sound, the group have just finished a new album.

A press release explains that Ponytail recently completed work on their third full-length record, Do Whatever You Want All the Time. Named after some free-association stage banter by Siegel, the collection promises to be the outfit's most complex set of tunes yet.

Following some downtime, Ponytail got back into the recording studio with Ice Cream Spiritual producer J. Robbins (Jawbox) to lay down the atmospheric tracks that make up Do Whatever You Want All the Time. While the album is touted to be "their most sophisticated recording to date," the band's frenetic, feel-good spirit apparently remains.

"It'll still make you smile," the PR assures.

Do Whatever You Want All the Time will be released April 12 on We Are Free.

Do Whatever You Want All the Time:

1. "Easy Peasy"

2. "Flabbermouse"

3. "Honey Touches"

4. "Beyondersville//Flight of Fancy"

5. "AwayWay"

6. "Tush"

7. "Music Tunes"