Polvo Return with 'Siberia'

Polvo Return with 'Siberia'
Reunited Chapel Hill, NC indie combo Polvo have announced the next phase of their second act: an LP titled Siberia, set to drop this fall.

A press release from Merge Records confirms that the album, the group's sixth overall, will hit shelves and digital retailers October 1. The eight-song set apparently finds the act "more limber and more aerodynamic than ever," and it's alluded that the writing sessions were more carefree than when the band regrouped after an 11-year hiatus to produce 2009's In Prism.

"Preparing for In Prism, we laboured over that material pretty intensively," guitarist Ash Bowie said in a statement. "A lot of the songs on this album were not rehearsed much at all. I'd like to think this album has a few more adventurous moments."

Samples from the set have not yet been made available, but Merge hints that the record is not entirely dissimilar from Polvo's 1993 sophomore LP, Today's Active Lifestyle, though Siberia's approach to dissonant noise pop is reportedly "more poised and controlled." You can see the tracklisting down below.


1. Total Immersion

2. Blues Is Loss

3. Light, Raking

4. Changed

5. The Water Wheel

6. Old Maps

7. Some Songs

8. Anchoress