Political Blockheads Help! I'm Stalin... And I Can't Get Up

If the political posture of Rage Against the Machine and the musical foolishness of They Might Be Giants met in a small garage recording studio somewhere amongst the 7-11s of middle America, the result might be uncomfortably similar Washington, DC foursome the Political Blockheads. The absurdly named Help! I'm Stalin... And I Can't Get Up! is a little bit political satire and a good deal musical misfire. The amateurish sound of the CD seems to be evidence that the majority of the production money spent on this album went towards the lavish costumes than some descent recording equipment. Although this album is not without its charm, the first and best tune (or is it toon?), "Military Moron," is actually a listenable attack on America's all too proud military. But the material gets increasingly predictable as the album progresses towards and finally succumbs to death by boredom. The Blockheads jump from one poppy anarchist jaunt to another with the only musical element of note being the innovative saxophone work of Bruce E. Reed. Whether this album is a joke or not is clearly answered with a quick glance at the title. The fact that the system it attempts to parody is even more preposterous than the album itself is perhaps more to the point. (Independent)