The Polaris Music Prize Announces 2010 Schedule

The Polaris Music Prize Announces 2010 Schedule
Every year since 2006, the Polaris Music Prize has awarded $20,000 to the best Canadian album of the past 12 months, as voted by a journalists, broadcasters and programmers. This year will be no different, as Polaris organizers have announced the schedule for the 2010 instalment of the award.

First, the jury will pare down a long list of 40 nominees. This list will be unveiled on June 17. If you go the Polaris website, you can see a clock counting down the 43 days until the list is announced. Next, the jury will vote on the best albums from the long list. The subsequent shortlist will be revealed on July 6. Both the long and short lists will be announced at live events held at the Drake Hotel in Toronto.

As for the winner, that will be announced on September 20 at Toronto's Masonic Temple. The gala will feature performances by some of the shortlist nominees and will be broadcast live on SIRIUS Satellite Radio Channel 86 and CBC Radio 3. On September 25, it will air on MuchMusic.

According to the Polaris Music Prize's official rules, "Nominees and winners will be selected solely on artistic merit without regard to genre, sales history or label affiliation."

Previous winners have been Final Fantasy with He Poos Clouds (2006), Patrick Watson with Close to Paradise (2007), Caribou with Andorra (2008) and Fucked Up with The Chemistry of Common Life (2009).